DOBRAW vegan restaurat in Moscow and Saint Petersburg
Delicious, wholesome, nutritiously balanced meals. The core of our kitchen is a care of health and only beneficial and prime ingredients from nature.
Delivery Moscow area 350 ₽
Free delivery for orders over
3000 ₽
outside the Ring Road 50 ₽ per 1km
Pickup at Atrium mall
at Sokol metro station
Pre-order your meal. Ready within 30 min
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Chef's raw food cuisine. Only natural and high quality ingredients
100% VEGAN

No meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy

No preservatives, artificial colorings or flavors, flavor enhancers, refined products

Each recipe goes through various verification steps for flavor, benefit and comfort consumption

Ingredients are not heated above 40°, so our meals are stored for no more than 2-5 hours. It helps to preserve all the healthy elements in food
Story of DOBRAW's
unique chef's vegan
DOBRAW restaurants welcome customers with a wide variety of smoothies, juices, shakes made with plant-based milk, refreshing soups, salads, as well as a healthy version of pizza, burritos, burgers, sushi, pasta, lasagna, dumplings and desserts.

The concept of DOBRAW's raw food kitchen is to preserve the benefits of plant produce and it's pristine flavors. All our dishes are free of animal products, preservatives, flavor or aroma enhancers. The ingredients are not heated above 40°C and we do not store our ready-to-eat meals for more than 5 hours. This is why "Enjoying your meal Here and Now" is a core principle of DOBRAW.

"The uniqueness of our kitchen is that not a single ingredient goes through a heat treatment. In other words, we do not fry, boil, steam but only combine all the ingredients in such a way that we recreate familiar to all tastes of national dishes from different countries all over the world. "100% preserving and releasing natural benefits of each produce" – says Olga Lebedeva, one of the founders DOBRAW.

DOBRAW's in-house confectioners create a unique, one of a kind desserts such as cakes, candies and ice-creams. There are no dairy, eggs, sugar, artificial flavors or preserving additives in any of our desserts. DOBRAW project was created in Koh Samui, Thailand in 2018 among like-minded friends who share passion for healthy eating and mindful lifestyle. DOBRAW celebrated its third anniversary on February 8th 2020.

The project is evolving quite fast:

→ At the beginning of 2019 DOBRAW's team opened a delivery service of
healthy raw meals in Moscow. DOBRAW also started to take orders for caterings. Delivery service is up and running and you can place your order today.

→ In Summer of 2019 the first café of DOBRAW's project opened its doors in Saint Petersburg in Sennaya shopping mall.

→ At the end of 2019 DOBRAW opened in Moscow at the Atrium shopping center, Kurskaya metro station.

→ At the beginning of 2020 the founders of DOBRAW project opened the first vegan bakery coffee shop in Russia Do Black Coffee
All recipes are developed by our chef cooks. The produce for each meal goes through a careful selection before it reaches chef's table.
For me cooking a meal is not only a creative process but also a reason to make my friends happy.
Katya / Chef-cook
I like to treat people! When I have guests over, I always want to make something really really delicious...
Zlata / Confectioner
It's very important to choose high quality fruits, nuts and vegetables when you know that it keeps our customers healthy.
Rawnut / Produce buyer
For me, balanced selection of ingredients is the most important! The combination of quality products is above all!
Arsen / Cook
I cook with a spirit! I like to prepare fresh and juicy food. It tones me up and invigorates.
Deelya / Повар
In 2018 we opened as a cafe during a retreat in Koh Samui. That's how we started to cook and to grow together. And now we are open for you!
Today we are sharing it with you and we welcome you to try our healthy and delicious raw food dishes and sweets which will be filling you up not only with a flavor but also with strength, energy and health from nature itself , as we prepare it using only natural, no heat-treated products!
Moscow, Kurskaya metro station, Atrium mall
Zemlyanoi Val st.33, 3rd fl (next to Zara Man)

Hours of operation 10.00 am - 11.00 pm

Ask us a question on:
+7 (905) 742-85-46
+7 (925) 574-12-80
Saint Petersburg, Sennaya metro station
Sennaya mall, Efimova St., 3 (on the left from the bowling)

Ask us any question on:
+7 (981) 828-90-10
We offer catering service for events
We have experience of cooking high class, quality and freshest food for a large group of people.
DOBRAW at Artur Sita's retreat in Moscow
DOBRAW catering at Gleb's birthday party
DOBRAW at the Vegmart Festival
DOBRAW at Artur Sita's retreat in Koh Samui 2020
Docatering by DOBRAW at Artur Sita's meetings in Tuapse, Russia
Docatering by DOBRAW at Artur Sita's retreat
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We deliver every day 10am - 9pm.
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Get delivery time and cost while placing your order. We prepare each order within 2-hour or longer timeframe because we don't use pre-stored ingredients. Minimum order is 500 ₽. Free delivery on orders over 3000 ₽. For Orders up to 3000 ₽ the delivery starts at 350₽ depending on district. Pickup at Sokol metro station (Moscow) and Sennaya mall, Efimova St., 3C (Saint Petersburg)
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